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Hi. I'm John Lynch. I love coding, playing with mathematics, and using both of these to create digital art. I also love playing music (piano, sax, tin whistles), growing vegetables, trees and even a few flowers; cooking and making chutneys, marmalades etc.; and enjoying good coffee, preferably freshly-ground and ideally not long roasted!

Back in the day, I did a mathematics degree at Hull University, since which I've worked with computers for many years in a variety of roles, mostly involving operations and technical support, as well as running a PC factory, but over the past few years my early passion for coding has, delightfully, returned. And I've been using it, and my mathematical knowledge, to create digital art, mainly using Java and Clojure, but lately also in GLSL, directly programming the GPU.

All this stuff is quite specialised, though, so in January 2018 I enrolled on a Code Institute course to learn all the technologies required to develop both the front- and back-ends of websites and web applications, and to understand all the necessary wiring that serves to knit all these technologies together.

Currently I'm living amongst the wild hills of West Cork, Ireland, but over the years have worked in various parts of the UK, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Italy and Thailand.

If you're interested in hiring me as a programmer; if you need a website, would like help with creating one yourself; if you'd like to learn how to program your computer; or if you'd like a talk for your organisation about fractals and digital art, together with live projected fractal images, videos and animations, please contact me at the (obfuscated) address:

Here's a video of me paragliding in Chile...